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Soraya Autana

Getting People Unstuck so They Can  
Design A Life They Love.


Life Designer, Strategist, Relationship & Results Coach
Creating experiences for people to get unstuck

Over the past 4 years Soraya has been helping people get unstuck.  Couples, individuals... survivors of human trafficking.  Author of 7 Key Principles to A Happy Life her mission is to create an outstanding lifestyle for you and the ones you love.

Are You Ready to Create Outstanding Results?

Most people are not satisfied with their current conditions at some level.  
They try hard and achieve some success, but in some area, they seem to be stressed and feel stuck, tolerating unwanted situations. 

I believe every person should thrive, it is their God-given right. 
 Given the right elements, tools and support they would. 
 I am here to provide those tools. 
Wanna thrive?🤗

Coaching takes people from good to great. Coaching provides people a secret weapon, a competitive edge that un-coached people do not enjoy. 
Transformational coaching/Life-Designing is the fearless coaching I provide through powerful experiences where we identify and release the roots of what is impeding you to live your full potential. We focus on your identity. We take a look at your beliefs: your worldview, yourself-image, your judgments.
By working together you will learn how to break free of both conscious and subconscious self limiting beliefs around money, wealth, health, success and freedom so you may design a life you love.
Whether at a retreat, seminar, workshop, or as we work one-on-one, I am creating platforms for you to have the life you dream of, where unlimited possibilities are a reality.

99% of people live unfulfilled lives. 
Let's build your bridge to get you to the 1%



Remove the burdens of being a solopreneur. 
Get unstuck. 
Scale your business.
Increase Your Income, 
Your Impact & Your Influence.

There are 4 ways that you can work with me

If you’re willing to show up and do the work, I'll show you how to: 
- Get Unstuck
- Unleash Your Superpower
- Increase Your Productivity 
- Increase Your Income
- Increase Your Impact 
- Increase Your Influence
- Enjoy Peace Of Mind

I'm constantly producing content so you too, can be inspired to Design a Life You Love.

  • Weekly Meetings
  • Get Unstuck
  • Accountability

In my opinion, I am not your typical coach. You will find that I am a velvet fire that is caring, unapologetically courageous and can, therefore, create a fearless coaching program specific to your needs. I will often draw outside the lines and out of the box to empower you to create a new path. 

I work with private clients on a limited basis. If you are interested in working with me privately but have questions first, please click here to schedule a virtual coffee.​

By working with me, we can compress months, even years, of unresolved issues into just a few sessions and get clarity as to where you want to go. This will save you precious time, emotional drain and money by clearing the headspace that was previously preoccupied by your thoughts and worries of how to solve your own problems. 

I've had coaching at the highest level with different organizations. I find it difficult to put a price tag on value of each individual session with Soraya because it's been something that I could've not gotten anywhere else.  The positivity, sense of direction, intelligence that I received right from the get go had a tremendous value.   I consider myself as a fairly intelligent person, yet when I go unto a coaching session with her I cannot anticipate where she is going and I find that she gets to the core of the issue, and it tends to yield profound results.  

Jeremy Saul, MD


  • Monthly Training
  • Powerful Coaching
  • Accountability
I see you. 
Being a solopreneur is challenging... it can be lonely.  You feel the angst at times of not knowing what path to follow or choices that you need to make,... and you wish you had someone you could bounce some ideas with... but you don't.  It's lonely... it's isolating, you've no one to ask for support, you don't know where to turn. You don't know what to do next. You don't seem to get anything done because you're stuck in the hamster wheel of procrastination.  
This is for you if you’re a FULFILLMENT JUNKIE like me!
If you crave living a life of fulfillment in your own terms, with thriving relationships, business doing what you want, whenever you want, HOW you want, and with WHO you want, this is your corner on the internet.

It’s the thriving club. For THRIVERS only!

Not only is this a super fun place to hang out, but it will also take your life from where it is to where you wanted to be. Constantly.

I’ve learned the secrets to a fulfilled life and have been working for the past 4 years with people to make that happen for them.  I've worked with individuals, parents, couples and anyone who has felt stuck at one point.

I know what works. I know what doesn’t.

And that’s what you’re going to get here. Constantly.

To kick it off, you’re getting access to the 14Minute-14Day Challenge, which will put your life already on a different mindset plus a ton of other gifts.




The best way to predict the future is 
Join me in this journey to create a life you love. You will get the tools so you can strengthen your business, your relationships, your finances and your overall fulfillment. All this done inside an amazing community of thrivers!

You will enjoy monthly coaching, inspiration, encouragement and tools so you can get unstuck, improve your productivity, your bottom line and your relationships - your world entire. 
Soraya changed my life. You always hear that you must "take responsiblity for your own life" Soraya has helped me break down exactly what that means. She gives practical application to the HOW not so much the why. She helped me learn how to live mind over matter. I highly reccomend her to anyone who is ready to change their life

JoAnne Jones, Compass Real Estate

  • Monthly Training
  • Powerful Coaching
  • Accountability


I’ve now created courses and workshops to give you the tools to eleva7e your life and design the life you love.
Anything from increasing your income, your impact, your influence, to upgrading your mindset, to spark up your life, there’s something for YOU, no matter where you’re at in your life.
By joining her program I have noticed an ability to allow myself to let myself loose and grow.  I've been able to develop self-confidence, overcome fears in a simple way.  I notice a big difference since I joined it. I've been able to get clarity and get focused on the results I am after through her methodology.   I've put wheels on a long-awaited project.  Despite the worldwide situation my emotional state and mindset are such on a high note because of the level of energy we create inside the group.  This allows me to show up differently for my family and my business. I highly recommend you join.

Esteban Rodarte, Coach4dads


Live Experiences That Transform

Live events provide immersion that create transformation.  I have created events throughout the year that allow you to remove the build up and expand your wings so you can go to the next level. It doesn't matter if you are in the penthouse or the basement, there's always a new lever available for you.

Ive been a top producer for 32 years. I have had business and personal coaching by all the top names in the industry over my entire career.  Working with Soraya is different.  She has incredible amount of wisdom and discernment.  Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways that you don't even realize. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to work with her.

Cheryl H, Keller Williams

meet your coach
Soraya Autana
Life Designer, Strategist and Results Coach. 
I create experiences for people to get unstuck. 
People love working with me because I am velvet-covered fireball.  I am unapologetically courageous and  I'm very intuitive of what people's needs are before they can even identify these themselves.  I am caring and committed to my clients' success and therefore they get results. 
Amongst other experiences, I have managed to:   
* Create the "Success, Love and Fulfillment Secrets" podcast that you can watch on YouTube or hear on your favorite podcast provider.  I am constantly encouraging you and giving you direction so that you too, can design a life you love.
* Work with people to get unstuck and undergo deep transformations, break through personal limitations both personally and in their relationships.  You can count on the fact that I've the experience, resources and knowledge to coach you to success.
*Work with a client to double his already high-earning income in 6 months - you can do the same thing too - if you are committed as he was. 
* Train teams and leaders on leadership - one of my favorite subjects.
* Be the Head Logistics Director responsible for constant events ranging from 20 to 100's to 2,500 to 15,000 people.  Some times taking people to international destinations. 
* Be part of/and lead masterminds for five years
*Quadrupled my business in one year
* Be hired as a leadership and communication consultant by CEO of multimillion dollar company 
* Lead teams of over 500 teenagers to 4 continents on 2, 4 and 8 week trips ​during 10 years
* Work with groups to improve team dynamics and team bonding
*Be part of a leadership training for two years
​* Start my personal development with Tony Robbins in 2014. 25 events later I am still learning and sharpening the saw using some of his techniques to create change in people
​* Crew over 15 Tony Robbins events
​* Coach survivors of human trafficking regularly and empower them to let go of the victim mindset and become their best version.
​​* Master my mindset and emotions, allowing me to move from a sad, depressed life to a life I now love. This allows me to understand your needs, no matter where you are in your own stage. 

Join me in magical experiences with a peer group that likes to enjoy the good things in life. 

Through her coaching I've done some remarkable things professionally and personally.  I was in a fork in the road in my career and she was able to coach me through it and give me practical steps to follow.  As a result. I significantly increased my income and career opportunities flowed my way.  I've had three job offers in the last few days because of what we did together.   She holds me accountable and has become a trusted advisor.  I would strongly recommend her services for anyone who wants to step up and work toward making your life the masterpiece it so deserves to be.

Brad Wise, GM Motors

 I am so grateful for you and for all the learnings I am getting.  I love, love the Q&A sessions.  I learn so much from everyone sharing. I am so grateful for your knowledge... I realize I need to unlearn and relearn effective concepts. My new goal is to turn all these learnings into a second nature. Something so valuable to me is implementation and practicing, this is where the key to growth is and I love it that I get to do it here. I had looked in other places  and did not find what you provide. 

Pamela Trew, Presenter and Actress

Try it for a month. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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