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Increase Your Impact, Your Influence & Your Income with the Support of Community & a coach

  • ​Business Growth Through Synergy
  • ​Innovative Ideas For Your Brand
  • ​ Increased Focus to Boost Productivity
  • ​ Accountability to Increase Impact
  • ​Tools, Tips & Hacks for Biz & Personal Life 
  • ​A Coach That Challenges You To Grow
  •  A Community to Support You

This is THRIVE!



Remove the burdens of being a solopreneur. 
Get unstuck. 
Scale your business.
Increase Your Income, 
Your Impact & Your Influence.


  • A go-getter feeling the burden of flying solo?
  • ​​Experiencing frustration because you are stuck taking your biz to the next level and you wish you had someone to grab you by the hand and guide you out of doom land ?
  • ​Feeling that you are your own accountability partner and you don't go very far?
  • ​Feeling like to get to the answers you need for your biz you're wasting precious time having to go through many things in order to get to what you really need?
  • ​Experiencing the loneliness of  having to figure out next steps and find resources on your own?
  • ​Frustrated because your To-Do-List seems like a chore and you are constantly stressed?
  • ​Aware that what you need to grow is to be in a group of like-minded people that can, not only support you but share knowledge and resources?
  • ​Wanting to use your God-given talents to make an impact in the world and you know there's more, but you don't know how to get to it?
  • ​​An entrepreneur who makes room for God in your life & biz and you know you have a higher purpose?


  •  You could have access to a coach that you could consult on a regular basis without breaking the bank?
  • ​You could have valuable training on an ongoing basis and know that you are not alone on this?
  • ​You could have a community that you can share challenges with, share your wins and get encouragement and support? 
  • ​You could create an effective clear roadmap of your business with clearly defined steps for implementation?
  • ​You could ask a question anytime the need strikes and get answers from the wealth of shared resources from a group that speaks your same language?
  • ​You could get support and accountability to succeed and not feel like a lone ranger?
  • ​You could develop daily routines that will set your day and business up to succeed?
  • ​Have someone with whom you could bounce ideas with on marketing, processes, systems, challenges and everything your business? 
  • ​You could succeed without feeling isolated? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then look no further -  THRIVE! is definitely YOUR NEW TRIBE

It is time for you to do WHAT YOU WERE MADE FOR 
and not only WHAT YOU GET PAID FOR  
- step into your Zone of Genius
Get in Alignment for your Assignment

Through her coaching I've done some remarkable things professionally and personally.  I was in a fork in the road in my career and she was able to coach me through it and give me practical steps to follow.  As a result. I significantly increased my income and career opportunities flowed my way.  I've had three job offers in the last few days because of what we did together.   She holds me accountable and has become a trusted advisor.  I would strongly recommend her services for anyone who wants to step up and work toward making your life the masterpiece it so deserves to be.

Brad Wise, GM Motors

I see you. 
Being a solopreneur is challenging... it can be lonely.  You feel the angst at times of not knowing what path to follow or choices that you need to make,... and you wish you had someone you could bounce some ideas with... but you don't.  It's lonely... it's isolating, you've no one to ask for support, you don't know where to turn. You don't know what to do next. You don't seem to get anything done because you're stuck in the hamster wheel of procrastination and doubt.  Well, no more!
And then there's the other thing: all the personal matters that are watching on the sidelines waiting their own turn. You ignore them, hoping they'll quiet down somehow... but they don't.  You see your hard-worked for money go to the sides because of lack of direction and accountability. 

I totally get you. I've allowed for great opportunities to pass me by, have lost zillions of dollars (literally) cause I did not know what I was doing, or felt like I did not have a mentor or coach, or peer group to get help/ideas from. 
Through my journey as a coach and entrepreneur I have found that go-getters, and specially entrepreneurs don't succeed mainly because of two reasons - the business TANGIBLES, but most importantly, THE PERSONAL INTANGIBLES.
The direction, plan and actions to follow for success and mobilizing resources to execute the actions
The procedures, process and methods designed to achieve  specific results
People get stuck in old ways of thinking, ghosts from the past, unresolved issues and belief systems that keep them stuck.
Habits and frames of work that do no support a context conducive to success
Many entrepreneurs feel lonely and lack a support system to fan their flame and provide accountability 
will make you
THRIVE! is a community for new solopreneurs that are committed to increasing their productivity, their influence, their income and their impact and they understand that the fastest way to accomplish it is through community and coaching.  The go-getters who are not sure how to do it all but understand the power of synergy.

Life takes your farther when you are in community. You get the support, the encouragement, the sharing of the plethora of combined resources to help you bounce ideas with.  When you add the incredible support and guidance you can get through and experienced coach a la Soraya, who is committed to your success, in all areas of your life - business, personally, relationally, spiritually - then you have a winner recipe for success in all areas of your life.

It is true that YOUR TRIBE WILL MAKE YOU THRIVE!  This space is designed for you to be in such an environment that is conducive to get to your end results, to be in that place of confidence; to be in that place of joy; to be in that place of creation; to be in a state of flow - effortlessly, every single day. 

It's like a Go-Getter's Lounge. A virtual space where camaraderie, support and accountability happen within a community that is designed to lift each other up and keep each other strong. Additionally you have the guidance, care, mentorship of a world-class coach who can not only challenge you to go farther but provide insights and direction so you can thrive in your business.

This is what Thrive! will give you.  It will help build the momentum so you can grow your business and make a bigger impact in your world.  

By nature, we hardly accomplish amazing things alone, but SYNERGY CREATES MAGICAL RESULTS. 

If you want to go fast... go alone. 
if you want to go far... go together.

Grow your sales * 
grow your self * 
grow your biz * 

Soraya changed my life. You always hear that you must "take responsiblity for your own life" Soraya has helped me break down exactly what that means. She gives practical application to the HOW not so much the why. She helped me learn how to live mind over matter. I highly reccomend her to anyone who is ready to change their life

JoAnne Jones, Compass Real Estate

If you want to leverage your time and resources while 
building your business and creating a fulfilling life for you, 
then THRIVE! is for you. 
Imagine having your cake and eating it too!
... Now you can.
Here's a rundown of all the awesomeness that awaits you inside 

"Master Your Life" Monthly Masterclass 
($247 Value)
Get practical tools to relevant topics on mindset, relationships, breaking through limiting beliefs, mastering your life and emotions.  As you navigate life and entrepreneurship, what better way to have the support, understanding and powerful guidance of your very own coach?  There will be opportunity for Q&A as well.  We'll take a deeper dive on any of these topics so you can walk away with practical life applications that will allow you to improve the quality of your life, your day, your relationships and your emotions so you can increase your productivity, your impact, your influence and your income. 

BI-WEEKLY mastermind
($347 Value)
Get on the hot seat and get answers to your unique issues. Get feedback, insights, ideas, resources from the plethora of the joint knowledge and experience as well as resources from the community and your coach.  Extremely valuable tool.. 

Bi-Weekly live Q&A / Clarity Calls / Coaching 
 ($497 Value)
This dynamic and fun 90-minute Q&A's sessions in Zoom makes it easy to get answers to challenges you may be facing, get practical answers to real struggles, and break through obstacles along your entrepreneurial journey.  Can't attend? No worries, gotchu covered - send your questions in and watch the recording.

Implementation labs ($247 Value)
These Laser-focused, purposeful meetings on Zoom make it easy to allocate focused time to work on and achieve your declared outcomes and goals with your peers.   Think of it as a virtual co-work sprint.  This becomes a time-block space for you to be accountable and work on your weekly objectives.   What gets schedule gets done.  Use this space to propel you forward - no excuses!   You will be setting up goals throughout your journey and this is a tool to support you.  You will also set goals for committed outcomes by the end of the meeting and you get to see your goals accomplished during that time.  The fact that you do this  in community carries an advantage of creating a purposeful intention and energy that supports everyone's commitments. 

 Community (*PRICELESS* Value)
​This space makes it easy to find the peer support along your journey.  There's so much value in being part of a community where everyone, just like you, is ready to go to the next level on their own journey.  It will become the community that will be there to celebrate with you and witness your journey.  You may find also accountability and people to fan your flame as you make progress on your path.  It can make your entrepreneurial journey lighter.  Yes, your TRIBE will make you THRIVE!

Curated Resources ($447 Value)
You will have access to books, podcasts, videos, links and other tools to support you throughout your journey.  These tools I have collected through my own travel through the universe of personal development and business growth - a plethora of seminars, readings, networking, trainings and coaching. You get shortcuts others wished they had.  They are now made accesible to you, avoiding you the long hours of research.   Save time and money and grow, both your business and your personal life.

 Access to Recordings ($497 Value)
These recordings make it easy to review powerful content during our live Q&A Clarity Calls you might've missed or questions you submitted.  You may also want to reinforce your learnings or watch in case you could not be present on the live calls.

other surprises (*PRICELESS* VALUE)
If you know me well you know that I love good surprises and you never know what you can get.  This is a bonus I love to throw here and there. You'll be sure to love these as well. 

additionally you will get these bonuses:

BONUS 1: 2 Private Coaching sessions with me 
($499 Value)

This one-on-one private coaching sessions with me makes it easy to address specific struggles and get to the root issues of what might be causing you to slow down on your process.  You will have the support you need from a coach so you can make progress addressing core issues from a coach who not only gets you - but gets you to the other side of your issues.

BONUS 2: constant challenges ($447 Value)
You will be learning new tools, insights, tips & hacks  and as part of that we will have fun challenges where you will be asked to take committed action beyond your own current limitations so you can break through personal limitations, expand your reach and grow your business as a result. This alone is a huge component of Thrive! to help you grow your business.  

BONUS 2: Coachflix! ($497 Value)
I am going to start building a video library with actual coaching answers!!! You can access OnDemand these coaching videos on many important topics such as relationships, mindset, personal issues.  This makes it easy to access coaching on different topics right when you need it.  You have access  to relevant and practical solutions to real problems which have change the course of many people's lives and now yours too.

FAST ACTION BONUS: 1 ticket to our THRIVE LIVE! event ($997 VALUE)
We are having a phenomenal THRIVE LIVE! event in 2023.  This is a 2-day event where we get to dive deeper into your beliefs systems, identify what is not working and you get to make radical changes.  Your membership gives you one ticket so you can attend this awesome experience. You will come out recharged and renewed.
***(Only available if enrolled BY 9/16)***
  • Monthly Training
  • Powerful Coaching
  • Accountability
Ive been a top producer for 32 years. I have had business and personal coaching by all the top names in the industry over my entire career.  Working with Soraya is different.  She has incredible amount of wisdom and discernment.  Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways that you don't even realize. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to work with her.

Cheryl Hammond, Keller Williams

meet your coach
Soraya Autana
#1 Life Designer, Relationship Strategist and Results Coach. 
I create experiences for people to get unstuck. 
I believe that everyone is able to thrive, and given the right tools, the right direction and the right support they can. My mission is to share these elements with people who are committed to making their life a masterpiece so they can design a life they love. 

As a Life Designer, Strategist & Results Coach. I create experiences for people to get unstuck so they can enlarge the impact in their life, business, family and community.

Amongst other experiences, I have managed to:   
* Create the "Success, Love and Fulfillment Secrets" podcast that you can watch on YouTube or hear on your favorite podcast provider.  I am constantly encouraging you and giving you direction so that you too, can design a life you love.
* Work with people to get unstuck and undergo deep transformations, break through personal limitations both personally and in their relationships which translates into their business.  You can count on the fact that I've the experience, resources and knowledge to coach you to success.
*Work with a client to double his already high-earning income in 6 months - you can do the same thing too - if you are committed as he was. 
* Train teams and leaders on leadership - one of my favorite subjects.
* Be the Head Logistics Director responsible for constant events ranging from 20 to 100's to 2,500 to 15,000 people.  Some times taking people to international destinations. 
* Be part of/and lead masterminds for six years
*Quadrupled my business in one year
* Be hired as a leadership and communication consultant by CEO of multimillion dollar company 
* Lead teams of over 500 teenagers to 4 continents on 2, 4 and 8 week mission trips ​during 10 years becoming their mentor, coach, guide & counselor
* Work with groups to improve team dynamics and team bonding
*Be part of a leadership training for two years
​* Start my personal development with Tony Robbins in 2014. 26 events later I am still learning and sharpening the saw using some of his techniques to create change in people
​* Crew over 15 Tony Robbins events
​* Coach survivors of human trafficking regularly and empower them to let go of the victim mindset and become their best version.
​​* Master my mindset and emotions, allowing me to move from a sad, depressed life to a life I now love. This allows me to understand your needs, no matter where you are in your own stage. 

 Connect * Grow 
* Create * Thrive * 
Rinse * Repeat

By joining her program I have noticed an ability to allow myself to let myself loose and grow.  I've been able to develop self-confidence, overcome fears in a simple way.  I notice a big difference since I joined it. I've been able to get clarity and get focused on the results I am after through her methodology.   I've put wheels on a long-awaited project.  Despite the worldwide situation my emotional state and mindset are such on a high note because of the level of energy we create inside the group.  This allows me to show up differently for my family and my business. I highly recommend you join.

Esteban Rodarte, Coach4dads

"The best way to predict the future is 
--Abraham Lincoln
Join me in this journey to create a life you love. You will get the tools so you can strengthen your business, your relationships, your finances and your overall fulfillment. All this done inside an amazing community of thrivers!

You will enjoy monthly coaching, inspiration, encouragement and tools so you can get unstuck, improve your productivity, your bottom line and your relationships - your world entire. 

Connection is the energy that is created between people...

....when they feel seen, heard and valued. 

live the thrive! vip experience
👉🏼 everything from THRIVE! plus:

($197 VALUE)
This single item is GOLD.  Think 'Think Tank'. You get to be on the HOT SEAT, share your challenges and you will get the gathered  collective of resources from the group to brainstorm with you ON YOU.  Imagine all of other's resources multiplied. It's like having your board and creative team going on a creative party at the same time!  This can give you the one (or many) ideas you are looking for to jump biz to the next level.  One single idea from this group can catapult you light years into your journey.  

($497 VALUE)

In addition to the two weekly Q&A you get extra coaching time in this group.  Bring those personal challenges so we can get you breakthroughs.  Can't attend? No worries, gotchu covered - send your questions in and watch the recording.

($497 VALUE)
Got challenges that cannot wait for our next round of Q&A? Send me an e-mail and I will respond to you. Unlimited. Yes, that's right, unlimited. 
will make you
I've had coaching at the highest level with different organizations. I find it difficult to put a price tag on value of each individual session with Soraya because it's been something that I could've not gotten anywhere else.  The positivity, sense of direction, intelligence that I received right from the get go had a tremendous value.   I consider myself as a fairly intelligent person, yet when I go unto a coaching session with her I cannot anticipate where she is going and I find that she gets to the core of the issue, and it tends to yield profound results.  

Jeremy Saul, MD

To get to all the benefits on your own that I have packed inside one program you'd need to spend hundreds of dollars, plus the time and energy to search, research, experiment, fail and redirect. 
 By joining Thrive! you will be saving yourself time, money an energy! Plus you will get the many surprises, connections, insights, opportunities, growth and then some that are awaiting you in the inside.

(Ask me how I know... I already spent over 6 figures to get there, and now I am willing to share with you everything I know)

Founding Member
that Make Joining An Absolute No Brainer
In fact, just ONE of these bonuses is worth more 
than an entire year's membership!
  • Locked-in Discounted Pricing: The cost will go to the regular pricing as I continue to make it more robust.  You will be saving money by being a founding member (VALUE: MONTHLY SAVINGS OF $100's)
  • 1 Private Coaching Call With Me. We get to uncover where you are stuck and create your unique roadmap to your success (VALUE: $997)
  • ​Preferred Access to All Future Events (VALUE: PRICELE$$)
 I am so grateful for you and for all the learnings I am getting.  I love, love the Q&A sessions.  I learn so much from everyone sharing. I am so grateful for your knowledge... I realize I need to unlearn and relearn effective concepts. My new goal is to turn all these learnings into a second nature. Something so valuable to me is implementation and practicing, this is where the key to growth is and I love it that I get to do it here. I had looked in other places  and did not find what you provide. 

Pamela Trew, Communicator 

Here’s A Recap Of

EVERYTHING You'll Get as part of Your Membership When You Become a Founding Member of THRIVE! today! as a Participant of GET UNSTUCK & TURBOCHARGE YOUR BIZ 

 "MASTER YOUR LIFE" MONTHLY MASTERCLASS                                                          ($297 VALUE)

 BI-WEEKLY LIVE Q&A / CLARITY CALLS / COACHING                                                 ($497 VALUE)

 BI-WEEKLY MASTERMIND                                                                                                            ($497 VALUE)

 BREAKING THROUGH LIMITATIONS CHALLENGES                                                   ($797 VALUE)

 IMPLEMENTATION LABS                                                                                                                ($297 VALUE)

 CURATED RESOURCES                                                                                                                      (*PRICELESS*)

 ACCESS TO RECORDINGS                                                                                                               (*PRICELESS*)

 COMMUNITY                                                                                                                                           (*PRICELESS*)


 1 PRIVATE COACHING CALL WITH ME                                                                                          ($497 VALUE)

 PREPARED SURPRISES                                                                                                                               (*PRICELESS*)


FOR ONLY $297/mo.

 "MASTER YOUR LIFE" MONTHLY MASTERCLASS                                                          ($247 VALUE)

 COMMUNITY                                                                                                                                           (*PRICELESS*)

 BI-WEEKLY LIVE Q&A / CLARITY CALLS / COACHING                                                 ($497 VALUE)

 IMPLEMENTATION PARTIES                                                                                                          ($247 VALUE)

 CURATED RESOURCES                                                                                                                      ($447 VALUE)

 ACCESS TO RECORDINGS                                                                                                               ($997 VALUE)


 BONUS 2: CoachFlix!                                                                                                                           ($497 VALUE) 

 1 TICKET TO OUR THRIVE LIVE! EVENT                                                                             ($1,497 VALUE) 

 OTHER SURPRISES                                                                                                                               (*PRICELESS*)


MONTHLY LIVE MASTERMIND & HOT SEAT                                                                     ($197 VALUE)

EXCLUSIVE LIVE Q&A/COACHING SESSIONS                                                                  ($497 VALUE)

UNLIMITED E-MAIL SUPPORT                                                                                                    ($497 VALUE)



FOR ONLY $297/mo.

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For Only $197/mo.


vip experience - $347/mo
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Who Is THRIVE! for?
THRIVE! is for go-getters who realize that there is power in synergy, that flying solo has its own challenges not to mention the limitations.  THRIVE! brings together a community that provides insights from the collective wealth of experiences, insights and camaraderie, support and accountability, plus the guidance of a life coach who is there to support you to move to your next level, provides clarity when in a fog, and ads value to your life with new learnings, direction and redirects you to your purpose. 
Am I Locked Into A Contract?
There are no contracts, sign up, cancel any time.  
How Long Does The Program Last?
This is an ongoing program that happens on a monthly membership.  You can cancel any time. 
What Days Does This Happen / At What Times?
This is the schedule of monthly happenings inside THRIVE!

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