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"Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways you don't even realize.  You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to work with Soraya. I promise you you will be blessed"

- Cheryl H. California
"I didn't realize I needed to let go of personal baggage .  She helped me to show up in my strength and my power to make a difference in the lives of my kids.  That helped me become a better version of myself by starting to see who I've been and who I can be. I gratefully thank her."

- Drew C. Pennsylvania
"We had been together for a while and we had the typical relationship problems. My experience working with her is more than I expected. He had heard many good things about her. She has a gift and an ability to work with people, very clear to convey the concept. I learned how to be able to not only handle disagreements better but also how we can prevent them and she taught us to be mindful. Her help is quite valuable, you cannot put a price on it."

- Matthew M Pennsylvania
"I wanted to improve my communication and connection in my marriage. Although I had had a lot of individual therapy before with different professionals, I knew that something was missing and that I could go much further. What Soraya did was give me a different way of looking at things, she gave me tools that were pretty good. She is direct, kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, and she helps you stay focused on what's important. Her focus is on what each individual wants to achieve. I highly recommend her as a coach. She has allowed me to grow so much deeper with my husband, we went through quarantine with much better communication than we have in 14 years. Now that I have the tools I am going to use them in all my relationships." 
- Sara B Pompano Beach, FL

" ...I´m having clear opportunities flowing in my way... " 
" ...She saw my blind spots to success and helped me get a breakthrough... "
" ...Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways you don't even realize... "
" ...Helped us to see a better version of ourselves as individuals... "
" ...My brain automatically goes to determination and motivation... "
" ...It made me understand why all my previous relationships ended or started the way they were... "
 " ...I was being driven by uncertainty in my life.. "
" ...Really brought the mirror to be authentic and no so much what the environment is telling me... "
 " ...Working with coach Soraya it's been very eye opening and enlightening... "
" ...My experience with Soraya has been surprising, the positivity, intelligence and sense of direction behind the coaching 
I receive... "
" ...Now I feel motivated and without traumas... "
" ...She´s given me small little bits of advice along the way that have changed my life... "
" ...I was able to see the choke holds that were holding my personal life... " 
" ...It personally helps me with identifying some of the objects and task I need to overcome and accomplish from myself... "
" ...I think she can make you the best you for whatever that is... "
" ...If you´re looking to change your life and changed your thoughts please contact Soraya Autana... "
" ...Helped me to discover the way
 I´m being ... "  
" ...Our household has been so beautiful since we start working with her, so much harmony... "
 " ...Has transformed me to believe and understanding a lot more about myself... "
 " ...I love the tangible benefits that I have already seen from it... "
" ...Everything I have been working on is all falling in the place the way it should... "
" ...It was an incredible experience where my mind was expanded... "
" ...For me to understand that I´m creator of my reality... "
" ...She was very helpful eliminating some of the noise in my life... "
" ...Soraya was able to really create a calm within me.. "

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