I’m a Life & Relationship Designer! 
I  help high achievers get unstuck emotionally, psychologically, relationally and personally so we can design a life they love. 
 I also host a podcast that shares with  people the secrets to success, love & fulfillment.


Life & Relationship Designer.  Transformational Coach.  Motivational Speaker.
Visionary. Creator of Magical Experiences.

Today I help couples and individuals get unstuck from short and long-term turmoil to a life they love in a short period of time.  It wasn't always the case.  I started my career as a result of a very sour divorce.   Looking for answers to stop the pain I found many practical tools and dynamics that are proven, which now I use to help people stop unnecessary suffering.  I am a passionate soul who thrives in seeing people succeed and have found that given the right tools, coupled with the right guidance, anybody can thrive.  So, I live my life based on one principle: To inspire and empower others to live their greatness.

After studying interior design at the Art Institute of Huston and through my new-found tools to personal transformation, I decided to dedicate my life to giving others the tools they need to redesign their own interior spaces on the mind, body and spirit, thus I became a life designer.  I guide and empower people to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be, and in the process remove trauma, pain, struggles, relationship conflict, self-sabotage, fears, phobias, self-imposed glass ceilings and self-limiting beliefs. My clients refer to me as powerful, passionate, loving, caring, and that my work is, indeed, transformational.   My clients find that my work is not only motivational, but transformative.

"In my opinion, I am not your typical coach. You will find that I am a velvet-covered fireball that is caring, unapologetically courageous and can, therefore, create a fearless coaching program specific to your needs, wants and desires.

I will often draw outside the lines and out of the box to empower you to create a new path. In my eyes, your success is my success and I’ll do whatever it takes to get you there. Therefore, I only work with committed individuals that are ready to let go of the default future in order to create a new and more fulfilling one."
-- Soraya Soffia Autana