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Most people are not satisfied with their current conditions at some level, maybe that's true for you.  Whether relationships that go sour, lingering issues from the past, skeletons on the closet that are peeking through, reminding you of their existence, limiting beliefs that sabotage your growth and performance, inability to sleep at night, stress and overwhelm that steals the joy and vitality, or the frustration due to the inability to go to your next level and live your best life yet. The list goes on.

If you relate, you know you've maybe tried hard to get the result you're after, with no avail, but instead, you end up feeling stressed, disappointed, maybe burned out, wanting to escape to a land far away where your problems will not be able to trace you - except you stay stuck, feeling trapped, feeling stuck, tolerating unwanted situations that if you knew how to resolve you'd have done it long ago.  

If you don't like your present or your past, we can change your future.  This is my superpower - helping you get from point A  to point Z by designing the life you'll love.

I believe every person can thrive and if given the right elements, tools and support they would

 I am here to provide those tools for you. Now the question is.....

Are You Ready to Thrive? 💥

What exactly is coaching?

Any beautiful house requires great design; any great car requires design; any great piece of clothing requires great design; it does not happen by default. A great life, a great marriage is no different. 

 Life-Designing is the concept through which we take your life  through a process to change the course of the direction you are headed, many times by default.  If you are facing issues that are not allowing you to life your best life, then it is time to review and reevaluate the blueprint of what you are building and adjust the course.  

Coaching/Life-Designing is the fearless transformational process I provide through powerful experiences where we identify and release the roots of what is impeding you to live your full potential.  We focus on your identity; we take a look at your beliefs: your worldview, yourself-image, your judgments.

Life-Designing and Coaching provides people a secret weapon, a competitive edge that un-coached people do not enjoy. Life designing takes your life to new levels unknown to you where you live the life you were meant to. You find your purpose and have a clear understanding of who you are and what you are able to create - if you give yourself permission to unleash YOU. 

By working together you will learn how to break free of both conscious and subconscious self limiting beliefs around money, wealth, health, success and freedom so you may design a life you love.
Whether at a retreat, seminar, workshop, online program or as we work on a private program, I am creating platforms for you to have the life you dream of, where you step into the domain of unlimited possibilities and your dreams become a reality.

99% of people live unfulfilled lives. 
Let's build your bridge to get you to 
the 1%

Schedule A Call That Can Change Your Life, Your Future, Your Family, Your Relationships & Your Finances

Life Designer, Relationship Strategist 
& Results Coach

Life Designer, 
Relationship Strategist 
& Results Coach

Steps to designing a life you love
Step #1: 
Resolve You Want to Create a New Life

It is in that moment of decision that you step into the domain of unlimited possibilities. 
Step #2: 
Schedule a Complimentary Breakthrough Call

Taking action is what makes it possible.  We will take a deeper dive at what's going on in your world and figure out steps for you to go where you want to go
Step #3: 
Get a Roadmap to Your Desired Outcome 

Together we will craft a roadmap to your success. No matter where you are, no matter where you want to go. It is possible to live a life you will love. 

Schedule A Call That Can Change Your Future, Your Family, 
Your Business, Your Relationships & Your Finances

Here are some examples of what is possible to create for you:
"...she can help anyone to achieve their goals and dreams!"
Soraya is an amazing woman and coach. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I would get results and then gain all the weight back and more. With the help of Soraya I was able to make a mental shift in my approach that really helped. Thanks to Soraya I just signed up to swim/cycle/run a triathlon at West Point. Please feel free to use me as a reference, I know she can help anyone to achieve their goals and dreams!
John M,  , NJ
"...She has become a trusted advisor"
I have made some great strides in a variety of areas of my life. She holds me accountable and has become a trusted advisor. I am a business leader and I know the difference between someone who is passionate and real vs. someone who is going through the motions to collect a commission. I would strongly recommend her services for anyone who wants to step up and work toward making your life the masterpiece it so deserves to be.
Brad W, - Tampa, FL
"...This has helped me create a happier environment"
Soraya has helped me reflect on issues that have impacted my life negatively and has given me guidance by finding solutions together on how to deal with difficult situations. With her help I've learned to be aware of my reactions and how to avoid downward spiraling. Bringing to mind what we have discussed during our sessions has had an impact on how I operate now.  
She has helped me remember that it is me who is in control of my life and even though we all face difficult times they do not define us, but rather the way we face and react towards these events. This has helped me create a happier environment.
Lydia H - Portland, OR
"...Soraya changed my life!"
Soraya changed my life. You always hear that you must "take responsibility for your own life" Soraya has helped me break down exactly what that means. She gives practical application to the HOW not so much the why. She helped me learn how to live mind over matter. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to change their life.
JoAnne J, Miami, FL
"...Go after the life you’ve always dreamed of"
I found her to be the perfect balance of thoughtful, insightful, passionate and firm in holding you to achieve your specific goals and to be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend her if you’re ready to go after the life you’ve always dreamed of.
Sara O, - Pompano Beach, FL
"...I never thought I could improve so much in such short time!"
She has helped me transform from the depths of my being! I never thought I could improve so much in such short time! Though I took therapy for years I now find peace working with someone who sees the big picture. What I learn with her opens so many doors as I walk through them. What used to be only dreams is now a reality! Thank you for helping me take the leap.
Miggie N,  Cancun, MX
"...I feel like an entirely different person!"
I wasn’t very satisfied with my life when I first contacted Soraya. Now, after just a few sessions, I feel like an entirely different person. I can’t recommend these coaching sessions enough.
Survivor of Human Trafficking, Mexico City, MX
"...She has helped me to transform!"
Soraya is a powerful and dynamic leader. She has profoundly helped me get to the essence of my desires, and has helped me to transform into the person I need to become in order to achieve my goals. Thank you so much Soraya 
Sara N - Denver, CO
"...I'm very grateful for the changes !"
Soraya was great to work with. She helped me overcome my challenges, and obstacles in myself. She gave me the insight into what was holding me back. I'm very grateful for the changes she helped me to make in myself.
Angelo L,  NJ

Schedule A Call That Can Change Your Life, Your Future, Your Family, Your Relationships & Your Finances

Listen To The Breakthroughs Of Those Who once felt like you and Said 'Yes' To Working With Soraya to change their story



"... I just think there are things in life that nobody teach us and because of that we fall into bad patterns ..."
" ...It made me understand why all my previous relationships ended or started the way they were... "
" ...our marriage was rock bottom... now we live in a relationship that is mutually beneficial and meets both of our needs..."

"..I felt like I was lacking in my marriage...  and we get a restart, a clean slate, over the weekend..." 
"...She gave us the playbook..."
"...I have done counseling, but Soraya gave me a different way of doing & viewing things, she gave me tools I did not have before. She has allowed me to grow in a much deeper relationship with my husband than ever before in 14 years of marriage. "  

Personal Challenges

Personal Challenges

" ...I was able to learn how to love myself and appreciate and be grateful for 
what I have..." 
" ...Just over the past sessions that I had, I have been able to turn my marriage around, I have been able to found direction in my professional life... "
" ...My brain automatically goes to determination and motivation... "
" ...It personally helps me with identifying some of the objects and task I need to overcome and accomplish from myself... "
" ...It was an incredible experience where my mind was expanded... "
" ...She was very helpful eliminating some of the noise in my life... "
 " ...It was literally life changing ... "
" ...She saw my blind spots to success and helped me get a breakthrough... "
" ...Now I feel motivated and without traumas... "
" ...I was able to see the choke holds that were holding my personal life... " 
 " ...I was being driven by uncertainty in my life.. "
" ...Really brought the mirror to be authentic and no so much what the environment is telling me... "
"... you really helped me to build a bridge 
to get to my dreams... "  
"...She help me procees and bring a sense of closure to the expirience that I was having and help me to move on..."
" ...Everything I have been working on is all falling in the place the way it should... "
"...Soraya it´s very helpful she has great inshights, she makes you awere of things you don´t even know that you need..."
" ...For me to understand that I´m creator of my reality... "
" ...If you´re looking to change your life and changed your thoughts please contact Soraya Autana... "

Family Challenges

Family Challenges

 " ...I love the tangible benefits that I have already seen from it... "
 "...Coach Soraya help me to show up my strength to make a difference in my kid's live..."
"...we were having behavioral problems with our son and we are thrilled with the counseling we received... very practical.. .she knows how to deal with teenagers."

Professional Growth 

     Professional Growth 

" ...I´m having clear opportunities flowing in my way... " 
 " ...Has transformed me to believe and understanding a lot more about myself... "
"...She helps me identify the spots to where my ways of being keep me from the next level"
" ...Soraya was able to really create a calm within me, what i thought it would take years to unravel..."
" ...Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways you don't even realize... "
"...Soraya helped me to unlocked some counterproductive habits that I used to procrastinate and I did't recognize..."
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