Here is an interview with Soraya that answers many of the questions you may have about Soraya and her life-designing coaching experience.
How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Life Designer & Relationship Strategist? 
I have practiced it as a lifestyle longer than I remember, not as a business but just something I did for people. I had always trained people and I was the go-to person when people find difficulties in their lives.  I led home-study groups and people knew I was available to help. My own life coach discovered my talents, abilities and turned on the light for this path for me.  I've been dedicated to helping people transform now professionally since 2017.

I had taken 500+ teenagers and young adults on summer mission trips to 4 continents in a span of 10 years. Along with a co-leader, I was their teacher, mentor, counselor, trainer and guide, I had trained young people and adults in other different settings, leading them to develop character in their lives.  So, when I had a conversation with my own coach in 2016, it all made sense and finally clicked.  When I started my own journey on personal development a few years prior to that conversation, I would create and sell online courses to my friends and family where I would teach on Zoom what I had just learned at the different events, seminars, retreats workshops and mentorship's I had enrolled on where I was spending over six figures on my own development.  
Who are your clients exactly? 
My clients are high achievers that may be stuck in an area of their life - whether is personal, relationship or they have reached a plateau and cannot break a ceiling  They know there's more but are not sure how to get there. High achievers who  would like to experience fulfillment like NOW!  they simply do not know how to do it.  

It is true that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure - so, they come to me to write a different story.
What happens if you haven't yet worked with people with the kind of problems that I have? 
I find that over 95% of people's problems are a combo of their mindset and emotions.   So, it usually does not matter what the issue is - there is a program running them, so I focus on working with them in what I call "upgrading their IOS" (Internal Operating System). This is how I am able to coach survivors of human trafficking as well and help them get past their traumas.  If I find something that I cannot do I might refer you out to an expert, which has very rarely happened.
How are you different from other coaches? 
Well, definitely the reason people love working with me is that I am very caring, unapologetically courageous and committed to their success, I am unorthodox, draw outside the line and take a stand for my clients - because of this, they get the results they are after. 
What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me? 
I work best with people that are committed to their results, who are willing to let go of what they have become so they may create and become what is possible when we step into the domain of unlimited possibilities.  What is expected of you is that you show up eager to move forward, that you play full-out, be open to change and do the assignments. 
For what type of people are your services NOT going to work? 
Definitely for people that have a fixed mindset who are not open to change.  I once had a session with a lady who could not believe she could get out of depression as quickly as I was proposing (and I have successfully done for others).   She was hung up on her being right about being depressed for so long and was convinced that it was a condition that would take years to resolve - she would not even consider moving out of her depression and see new possibilities. So, I think she might still be there, while others that have been willing to leave personal and relational turmoil (and other different issues) behind and are writing and enjoying a different story. 
What exactly is it that you do and how is that different from therapy? 
This is definitely a loaded question. Maybe you have experienced therapy.  What I focus on through the type of coaching and mentorship that I do is to 1. identify with you where you are, 2. identify where you want to go 3.  craft together the map to get you there. 4. Give you the tools to get there. 5. If you grab my hand, you'll get there.

We focused more time on creating solutions and giving you the tools to implement them than we do in listening to all your problems.  If you work with me, you will not learn to cope with your problems, you will be free.
Does this really work? 
I guess you would need to hear the testimonials :), of course we know this is a process, yet it does not need to take years.   Change can happen quickly.  The question to really ask is not "would this work for me?" but rather "would you work for it?"
What results can I expect? 
Depending what you want for your life, and if you do your work, what you will get to see in just a few sessions is getting clarity, resolution, cleaning your emotional house, identifying emotional/mental blocks, crushing limiting beliefs, mastering your emotions, experiencing peace of mind, love, joy, happiness in a constant basis amongst other things.  I work with couples who are headed for divorce non-stop, and are experiencing a relationship of "I love you but I can't stand you and I am tired".  If they let me come in and work with them their story changes and divorce is a conversation that gets removed off the table.  They get to create a new chapter of what I teach them, the concept of ONENESS, in a new relationship that we craft, one where his needs and her needs are met. 

I also work with people that live a pretty good life yet have not realized there are other levels available to them, so we get to discover that together, and thus they enjoy even happier lives resulting in improved relationships, increasing their impact, their influence and their income.
Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it's like to work with you? 
Yes. Contact me so I can connect you to the appropriate client depending on your particular case.
How quickly can I expect results? 
That depends more on you than me - I have programs that allow for immediate transformation (such as retreats and 2Day Intensives for individuals and couples.  These two days transform people's lives).  How soon do you want to see changes in your life?
How can I guarantee myself that I will get results in record time? 
Take this as a serious investment in yourself, your future, your dreams and the people around you that you love because it will affect all those areas.  Play full out, do your assignments and readings.  Understand this is not a "quick fix".  We will be changing the mindset that you’ve spent a lifetime mastering.  All my clients who have been diligent at applying themselves have successfully experienced transformation in much less time than they would have on their own AND have made significant more progress than they’ve made by continuing doing what they used to do.
Will I recover the investment I put into this coaching program? 
If you apply yourself absolutely! You will experience more love, joy, better relationships and overall more fulfillment throughout your life in a permanent basis.  There's no price for this and you can't buy any of this in any store.  Your ROI is infinite then. The real question is, What is costing you to remain the same?  
How will we work together and what does a package or program entail? 
Unless we are meeting in person at a 2-Day Intensive or retreat we meet via Zoom for 60-90 minutes. Yes, my sessions are up to 90 minutes where there is no rush and this allows to dive deeper into whatever is happening and we can get resolution, create strategies and/or give you the tools to move forward. This is a private space where we are undisturbed, we take deep dives and you get results.  
If I want to change NOW, what do you recommend? 
I have created such a program for people that are committed to taking quantum leaps to their fulfillment in a 2Day Intensive (and 2.5 days for couples) where we go passed the "snorkeling" and rather dive deep into the issues that are not allowing you to move forward.  We get to look "under the hood",  get resolution over issues that have kept you trapped, traumas, phobias - letting go of what is not serving you and instead, learn to design a life you love - you will leave with a clear path of direction followed by 6 weeks of a Masterful Living program that I craft specifically for yourself.  This is the fastest route to a fulfilled life.  You may want to listen to the testimonials as well.
What are your coaching programs like? 
Let's be real, in one session you will get much clarity about your life, yet you are not going to change all the issues, so I offer packages that start with 12 sessions all the way to a year (48 sessions), so you can see yourself spending the next 3 months or the next 12.  The sessions are done via Zoom.  If you give me one year of your life your whole world changes - your relationships, finances, emotional state, health, environment, the way you live life entirely.  We take youth new levels that you have not even thought it was possible to go, . 
What forms of payment do you take? 
I take Zelle, PayPal, debit and credit cards (Amex included), Apple Pay or Venmo. 
OK, I know I want change & transform my life. How do we get started? 
If you haven't yet, book a complimentary discovery session here where we will get to discover where are you and where you want to go. 
If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I sample your work to see if it's the right solution for me? 
A Virtual Coffee Date is available where we will see where you are at and what's happening for you now. You will get clarity and we will take it from there to see if you would like to do a complimentary discovery session.
I have a busy life. Although I want more love, more joy and happiness badly, I don't have much time to spare. How much time do I need? 
That depends, whether you are enrolling in a 2Day Intensive Program, a retreat, a 7-week journey or private coaching. For 1:1 coaching we usually meet once a week, which allows for momentum to be built and keep you moving and progressing towards your goals.
OK, I'm ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?
Yes, you may, the best way is to book a Virtual Coffee Date below where we will meet in Zoom .  

Regardless of where you are I look forward to invite you to step into the domain of unlimited possibilities and Design a Life you Love! 

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