Upgrade your IOS - Your Internal Operating System (a.k.a. your mindset)
Thursday, July 16th, 7:00pm EST
Do you find that...
You are not happy with your results?
You want to change but are not sure how to go about it?
You try to achieve your goals, yet quite often fall short?
You are not sure why you don't have the results you are after in an area or areas of your life?
you think it is quite difficult for people to change (yourself included)?
If you've said 'yes' to any of the above.. then this workshop is definitely for you
We are going to work on your Internal Operating System.  You will have a chance to review your beliefs, redefine your values and weight what's truly important to you.  You'll be able to walk away with a plan to reinvent yourself💥.
Sharpen your pencil✏️ and come ready to work on yourself.
During this 90-minute workshop....
  • You will learn why you are generating your current results
  • ​You will learn what you need to accomplish your desired outcome
  • ​You will learn the guaranteed formula to accomplish all of your goals
  • You will learn how to activate principles that will give you almost-immediate results - just add your effort and commitment
Ive been a top producer for 32 years. I have had business and personal coaching by all the top names in the industry over my entire career.  Working with Soraya was different.  She has incredible amount of wisdom and discernment.  Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways that you don't even realize. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to work with her.

Cheryl Hammond, Keller Williams

Through this workshop you will be able to..
  • ​Have the clarity of how to design a new path for you
  • ​Develop a new direction for your desired life and lifestyle
  • ​Create a new definite purpose for your life
  • ​Have the tools to design a life you love
Your host
Soraya Autana

I am a Life Designer and Strategist who is committed to inspiring people to find clarity, raise their standards in life and assist them in turning dreams to reality. People say my work is not only motivational, but transformational.

People love working with me because I am unapologetically courageous, I care about my client's success and sometimes draw outside the line to support them to get results.   I am caring, loving (yes, loving❤️) and committed to your success. 

The challenges of the new times will demand a new identity and mindset. 
It is time to reinvent yourself and 
the time to do it is now.

Regular cost for this workshop


during which you will be able to...

  • Identify the Internal Operating System that is not working
  • ​Have peace of mind and clarity to craft your next steps
  • ​Get the tools to reinvent yourself and transform your life
  • ​Discover what is your new life purpose effective NOW
  • ​Learn the steps to make your goals and dreams a guaranteed journey

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Soraya changed my life. You always hear that you must "take responsibility for your own life".   Soraya has helped me break down exactly what that means.  She gives practical application to the HOW not so much the why.  She helped me learn how to live mind over matter.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to change their life

JoAnne Jones, Compass Real Estate

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