What would you do if you knew 
you Couldn't fail?

Get unstuck. 
Unleash Your Superpower. 
Improve Your relationships. 
Increase your income, 
your impact & your influence in 7 weeks.

 Design the life you've always wanted 
and accomplish what you've always wanted 
by being the person you've always wanted 

I have managed to break down the barriers that I had structured in my mind and acquire a new system that helps me get what I want. I feel that I have a greater commitment to myself, with my decisions!

Alé Morales

Are you....
  • ​​finding that there are areas in your life not entirely working and you wish they were?
  • ​a go-getter feeling stuck in relationship matters? 
  • ​experiencing frustration and stress in a regular basis?
  • ​a powerhouse with a switch off somewhere and you don't know how to turn it on ?
  • ​find yourself not getting the results you thought you should?
Would you want to...
  • ​lower your stress and experience constant peace of mind? 
  • ​develop effective habits that will take you farther than you are right now?
  • experience peace of mind constantly?
  • ​create goals and actually accomplish them?
  • ​develop greater confidence to conquer your big, hairy goals?
If this was the end of your life, 
would you be happy with your results?
Surely You're Utterly Sick And 
Tired Of Not Having the Results You Want? 
Well, You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Are you ready to let go of the source of unwanted results and move into a life of accomplished goals and dreams?
I have created an incredible program that 
will create a bridge from where you are to where you want to be!
If nothing changes, are you prepared to live in the same way you are living right now for the next year or the next 5....? 
If nothing changes, what will happen to you, your business 
and the ones you love the most?
Imagine if you could accomplish anything you set your mind to.. 
your plans and goals... your dreams... 
your daily life. 
Imagine the impact on your life, your business and your family...
You could reinvent yourself, let go of the past and create a life you love.

You could improve your productivity significantly
You could create opportunities to increase your income & your impact
You could accomplish bigger goals and dreams
What if you could actually not only accomplish your goals and dreams but experience fulfillment through this?
Discover my proven method to get results that is working already for the people that have used it.
 It's about time you do something really nice for you too... isn't it?
We've learned through this pandemia that life is short. Why wait to change and create the results that you want?

 I am so grateful for you and for all the learnings I am getting. I love, love the Q&A sessions on this Eleva7e U. I learn so much from everyone sharing. I am so grateful for your knowledge... homework. I realize I need to unlearn and relearn effective concepts. My new goal is to turn all these learnings into a second nature. Something so valuable to me is implementation and practicing, this is where the key to growth is and I love it that I get to do it in Eleva7e. I had looked in other places .

Pamela Trew, Presenter and Actress

What is the price you are paying by remaining the same? 
Your finances? 
Your Relationships? 
Your Children? 
Your health? 
Your Performance? 
Your Profitability? 
Your Peace of mind?
You might think it is unattainable, but 
No need to continue carrying dead weight on your shoulders. 
Can You Imagine What this would do for you? Your business? Your family?
You are somebody not satisfied with your current conditions.  You know there's more but you don't know how to access that. You know you need support and fresh ideas to expand your vision, specially during these trying times because you know if left to your own device, you run the risk of living a future that very much resembles the past.  You know that you could use the encouragement and accountability that comes from a support group because it is easier to do it with a team that would encourage you and hold you high, even when you want to go back to your old ways.   You might feel tired of trying to figure things out alone - it could be a lonely, scary space going solo trying to figure out how to live your best life.  What do you do when you do not know where to go to or what to do?

Your mindset might not be helping either and you may feel stuck in some area in your personal life as well.  Some added fear might also be creeping in.  How are you going to make it?  Then you realize this takes a toll on your productivity and profitability because, at the end, your limiting beliefs get on the way of your sanity and the negative voices get louder in your head. So you find yourself dabbling - who do you pay attention to -  the negative voices in your mind, prophets and reminders of doom and gloom, or the small voice that tells you that, this too, shall pass.  Which one is screaming the loudest?  Then you go back and focus on trying to do things better, trying harder...  you wonder what can bring you answers...  you'd love to have a helping hand that will not only get you, but turn on the light for you.  You secretly crave for somebody to come to the rescue, and so you are ready to find someone to come to your aid

If this is you, I have a solution for you, but first let me share with you a bit about why I know I can help you get results through this program👉🏼: 
Soraya Autana
I am a Life Designer, Strategist and Results Coach.  
I create experiences for people to get unstuck. 

I myself, got unstuck. I'm not better than you. It is simply that I am farther ahead on the journey and have been where you are. I know what it is to feel like you can go no further, even enduring constant pain and uncertainty than you know what to do with.  I get you.  I used to live there and now I have found  answers and tools that put you in a total different place.  You will find out why people love working with me - because it is my passion to work with someone like you.  I am velvet-covered fireball. I am unapologetically courageous and I'm very intuitive of what people's needs are before they can even identify these themselves. I am caring and committed to my clients' success and therefore they get results. 

Amongst other experiences, I have managed to:   
* Work with people to get unstuck and undergo deep transformations, break through personal limitations both personally and in their relationships. 
*Be part of a leadership training for two years
* Sell millions of dollars of real estate in my past life as a realtor
​* Become a real estate investor, flipped houses and sold them over asking price
* Train teams and leaders on leadership - one of my favorite subjects: leadership
* Be the Head Logistics Director responsible for constant events ranging from 20 to 100's to 2,500 to 15,000 people. Some times taking people to international destinations.
* Work with groups to improve team dynamics and team bonding
* Be hired as a leadership and communication consultant by CEO of multimillion dollar company 
*Work with a client to double his already high-earning income in 6 months - you can do the same thing too - if you are committed as he was. 
 * Be part of/and lead masterminds for six years
* Lead teams of over 500 teenagers to 4 continents on 2, 4 and 8 week mission trips ​during 10 years and help them get over personal issues
​* Start my personal development with Tony Robbins in 2014. 26 events later I am still learning and sharpening the saw using some of his techniques to create change in people
* Crew over 15 Tony Robbins events
* Create the "Success, Love and Fulfillment Secrets" podcast, constantly encouraging you and providing direction so that you too, can design a life you love.
​* Coach survivors of human trafficking regularly and empower them to let go of the victim mindset and become their best version.
​​* Master my mindset and emotions, allowing me to move from a sad, depressed life to a life I now love. All of this allows me to understand your needs, no matter where you are in your own stage. 

Here's how it works...
I am inviting you to step of your norm, out of your comfort (familiar) zone and do something for you during 7 weeks.
I have created a program on demand where you can go at your own pace where you'll LEARN THE SECRETS to upgrade your mindset, let go of the past and create new success habits that will propel your life forward, out of your current status and as far into a life of joy and peace as you allow yourself for, and you'll get the tools to design the life you want. You'll have assignments so you can IMPLEMENT what you are learning. You'll post your progress for ACCOUNTABILITY.  You'll have weekly Clarity Coaching & Q&A group sessions via zoom. where I personally can SUPPORT you in your journey. 
This is what you'll get:
Power-Packed  Program 
($2,997 Value)
We are going to uncover what's not working in your life and you'll have tools to let go of the past to create a new future. You get Life Time Access to this.
Private Community 
($497 Value)
A support group that enables you to share your journey with people like you, committed to creating a new story. This is where accountability happens.
Weekly Coaching Q&A
($2,376 Value)
It's having personal access to your coach.  We are going to see where you are stuck and give you practical applications to move forward.
Plus you will get these bonuses:
BONUS #1: 
Implementation Sessions 
($394 Value)
We will look closely at what's going on in your personal world and resolve issues of where you might be stuck
BONUS #2: 
Guided Meditations
($194 Value)
I have done the research and will provide your very own curated tracking system. Life will be easier and I will be giving you the tools and the training to make it possible.
BONUS #3: 
Curated Resources
($497 Value)
I have compiled a list of great resources - books, cheat sheets, videos, etc to support you on your road to Eleva7e your life. 
BONUS #4: 
Goal Tracking Systems, Charts and Blueprint
($97 Value)
I have done the research and will provide your very own curated tracking system. Life will be easier and I will be giving you the tools and the training to make it possible.
BONUS #5: 
2 Coaching Sessions with Me
($397 Value)
We will look closely at what's going on in your personal world and resolve issues of where you might be stuck
BONUS #6: 
Advance Masterclass
& Experience
($397 Value)
Reserved for only those who have actively participated, acquired and mastered the tools taught in the course
Not only that, I am also adding a very 

1 Month Included 
($197 Value)
Stay plugged, inspired, motivated and accountable, so you can stay and keep moving and build 
 that momentum
 Mastermind Session 
($397 Value)
This is you getting on the hot seat and having others give you feedback and ideas so you can move along. If you’ve been in one you know what I am talking about. If you have not, then I am setting you up to succeed

($1,497 Value)
You will connect with different people and grow, I am going to take you through other experiences as well so you can hone in your success and continue your growth.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Soraya was able to create a calm within me... what I thought would take me a couple of years to unravel she unraveled for me in under an hour! 
I cannot recommend her enough. 
Just a sensational result!
Andrew P
She has helped me transform from the depths of my being! I never thought I could improve so much in such short time!  What used to be only dreams is now a reality! Thank you for helping me take the leap.
Miggie N 
This is what you will be not only able to get, but expected to, from Eleva7e U:
  • You will have Identified what's working (and not) in your life. 
  • ​You will have created a new identity and become it - this will change the course of your life as you know it. Get not only a renewed purpose but direction on how to become that which will get you the results you actually want, a purpose-driven life
  • ​You will have all the tools to create a system to actually accomplish your goals and get your dreamed results, which will become the wheels to your new vehicle to get you to your results.
  • ​You will receive my course blueprint and step-by-step lessons, tutorials and guidance on how to craft that new identity. You'll also be able to learn my H2H2H method to drastically elevate your life in 7 weeks, guaranteed. 
  • ​You will gain access to a private, membership-only community where you will find accountability and support.
  • ​You will be paired up with an accountability partner to encourage your journey and improve your results.  
  • ​You will have access to live Q&A calls where you can ask me anything. You'll have my personal guidance every step of the way.
  • You will have the guidance and tools to create momentum and expedite your elevation vs if you read all the books and did it yourself​. Save time, effort and money. 
  • ​You will be able to create a clear GPS to get you to your results
  • ​You will get the tools to turn those far-fetched dreams into a tangible reality.
  • You will have not one but two private coaching sessions with me. This is where we get to pop up the hood and see where you are stuck.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Weekly Live Lesson ($3,747 Value)
  • Private Community ($497)
  • ​Weekly Q&A ($1,997 Value)
plus these other bonuses:
  • BONUS #1: Master Class Debriefing session ($247 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Goal Tracking System ($247 Value)
  • ​BONUS #3: 2 Private Coaching Sessions with Me ($247 Value)
  • ​BONUS #4: Curated Compilation of Resources ($247 Value)
  • ​BONUS #5: Guided Meditations ($247 Value)
  • ​BONUS #6: 2 Implementation Sessions (Priceless)
  • SUPER BONUS #1: Advanced Masterclass & Experience ($397 Value)
That's well over $8,000... 
and right now you can be in...
...For only $1,997!
(or 2 Payments of $498.5).
A Unique Opportunity For Such a Time as This
If all this program did for you was...
... to give you a system to optimize your resources and organize yourself better
... a breakthrough from something you have not been able to accomplish on your own
...an insight that could translate in you sleeping better
...an idea of how to create bigger opportunities for you
... give you the know how and tools on how to break from uneffecitve habits
....It'd be worth your investment, right?
  • ​A plethora of tried tools so can transform your life
  • ​Peace of mind
  • ​Releasing unwanted emotions
  • ​Upgrading your mindset
  • ​Creating systems that change entirely for the better how you’ve been living life up to now
  • ​AND you’ll have the skills to continue elevating your life to new levels even after the course is long over
  • ​Thousands of dollars looking for answers elsewhere trying to figure out why you have the unwanted results you currently have and why you can't go to the next level
  • AND you’ll have the skills to continue elevating your life to new levels constantly

the POSSIBILITIES TO live a life you love are waiting for you!

Is there a guarantee?
Yes! There is a guarantee!
*If you follow the curriculum as guided in 
for 14 days and you do not create success habits... 
if you don't see progress in your committed results... 
or if it fails to provide direction so you can upgrade your life... 
Then I'll refund your money, 
No Questions Asked! 
All the risk is squarely on my shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain knowledge and practices to see results!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Ive been a top producer for 32 years. I have had business and personal coaching by all the top names in the industry over my entire career.  Working with Soraya was different.  She has incredible amount of wisdom and discernment.  Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways that you don't even realize. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to work with her.

Cheryl Hammond, Keller Williams

Invest in your best asset: 
Yourself, Your Life & Your Future! 
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Your Best Life Yet Is One Decision Away.
I'll see you in the inside.
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