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Discover My Breakthrough Formula for Go-Getters™  To Get Out of Your Own Way, fire the Internal Saboteur 
& Create a Personal Success System
so you can Increase Your Productivity, Your Impact, 
Your Influence And Your Income... 

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Discover the Breakthrough Formula for Go-Getters™ To fire the Internal Saboteur 
& Create a Personal Success System so you can Increase Your Impact, Your Influence And Your Income... 

Discover My BLISS Method To Be Happy And Enjoy Life so you can Improve Your relationships, increase your productivity, your Impact, And Your Income... 

What You'll learn on this LEARNING PARTY (AKA Masterclass):
  • Why Are You Stuck:  Most people get stuck because not only do they have a saboteur as a CEO, they are also focusing on the tactics and the what to do.  The problem is that focusing on a long ToDo's list drains you, overwhelms you and when not accomplished what you really end up wanting to do is run for the woods.  You will learn why you want to focus on who you need to BE instead so you can accomplish the juicy results you are after.
  • Creating an Identity that Supports Your Vision - Most people don't realize that to achieve the dreams and results they want requires an upgrade on their identity. One that will create a new vision, new success habits and a Personal Success System to thrive.  You will learn how you have been operating and what you want to do to reach new dimensions. 
  • Creating success habits that will carry you through: Most people do not realize how critical habits play a key role in their success.  You will learn to establish empowering habits that will rocket you to your dream land.
  • The Breakthrough Formula For Go-Getters™ - Most people believe that success is something reserved for a few, yet they fail to realize the internal enemies whispering to them scarcity and disempowering stories are the real culprits for not enjoying that success.  Learn what you need to do to fire the saboteur and hire instead, your new CEO through my Signature Process.  You will know what you need to develop a clear vision and path so you can create a lifestyle that juices your every single day. Period.

Ready to take the steps to live the fulfilled life you've been dreaming of?

Become the New CEO of Your Life:

The phenomenal go-getter, sassy, vision-driven creator of a magical life for yourself. Engineer of fun, rainmaker with ninja skills to elevate your life to the next level.

meet your New Life Designer

Hi, I'm Soraya Autana 
I believe that everyone is able to thrive, and given the right tools, the right direction and the right support they can.  My mission is to share these elements with people who are committed to making their life a masterpiece so they can design a life they love. 

As a Life Designer, Strategist & Results Coach. I create experiences for people to get unstuck so they can enlarge the impact in their life, business, family and community.

I have been able to create breakthroughs internationally for hundreds of people who now enjoy peace of mind, restored relationships, increased incomes, peace at home vs struggling relationships through my different programs or through my podcast, "Success, Love and Fulfillment Secrets".

I now want to share the secrets to a fulfilled life with you.  I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

I’m holding space to create a vision for your life

Spoiler Alert: This Learning Party has all the potential to change your life!

 I am so grateful for you and for all the learnings I am getting.  I realize I need to unlearn and relearn effective concepts. My new goal is to turn all these learnings into a second nature.  I had looked in other places  and had not found something like this.

Pamela Trew, Presenter and Actress

To start generating the results you want... the life you want.   

Can you really afford the luxury of remaining the same and living a future that resembles much of the past? Well, you don't need to. 

2021 Can be a different story. Let's do this! 
You Are One Breakthrough Away...
Thank you for this workshop! I realized that the only limits are on the mind. The time to change is here and now!

  -- Hereifa Dianora

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