Join us on this social experiment trade-up to fundraise $50,000USD for children survivors of human trafficking

What is the Blank Page Project?
It is a social experiment that seeks to fundraise $50,000USD to support survivors of human trafficking through a sequential trade-up starting with a blank page.  You may trade someting of greater value to our current article/service.
You may follow the journey on this page or through Instagram @ #blankpageproject 

We are supporting 3 shelters in Mexico (links below) where children, survivors of human trafficking receive all sorts of support: medical, psychological, emotional, psychiatric, educational, legal, room and board, etc. for years.
With your collaboration we will achieve the goal of raising $50,000USD for their daily needs.
How can you participate?
There are two ways:
1. Joining the team of this social experiment
2. Trading up something of greater value for what we currently have (until we achieve something worth $50,000 that can be donated physically or sold for that value.  Current items/services are below:

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What is available For trade up?


Jane Walker 
Black Label 
Limited Edition



Jane Walker 
Black Label 
Limited Edition

2 Powerful, Transformational Coaching Sessions

Pearl Pendant Mounted on Gold

Wood Engraving Service

Blank Page

Organizations we Are supporting:

Comisión Unidos Contra la Trata

Fundación Camino a Casa

Kaleido, Inc

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