epic life - /ˈepik līf/ 
 A grand in scale existance that juices your every day because finally you realize that being awake is more thrilling and exciting than continuing dreaming


An amazing life does not happen by chance -   It happens by design.  
You will be able to design every step of your soon-to-be epic life starting by allowing yourself to not only dream your next level but put wheels to it in the different areas of your life.  When you design (and live) and epic life this is what happens:

  • Your relationship with other improves
  • ​Your relationship with God gets juiced up
  • ​Your relationship with the mirror changes entirely
  • ​Your relationship with money changes
  • ​Your habits change
  • ​Your health improves
  • ​Your lifestyle inspires you
  • ​You take living a purpose-driven life to the next level
  • ​You live a life that is fulfilled



Here's what's included when you join



Exclusive Weekly Live Training
Get life-changing, inspiring and challenging live training on Zoom where you get to work on you and your goals so you can move at a no-excuse pace creating and implementing your epic life. 
(Worth $5,000) 
Epic Rooms
 Weekly Zoom breakout rooms gatherings with Epic Me Community. The perfect place to implement learnings, share your journey for accountability, celebration and support  
(Worth $1,500) 
EPIC ME Video Library 
Get world-class training on how to design and live the life that you want with easy, practical steps to start elevating your life from week 1! 
(Lifetime Access) 
(Worth $3,000) 
Weekly Power Q&A 
 Every week you get access to dynamic, powerful group coaching where you get not only your questions answered, but also direction & resources (Lifetime Replays Available)
(Worth $4,000) 
​Finally Free! Workshop
4-hour live workshop where you will be able to close loops on past relationships as well as let go of ghosts from the past.
(Worth $2,000) 
Ultimate Confidence & Self-Love Workshop
4-hour live workshop where you will learn to love yourself as you discover new levels to your God-given potential
(Worth $2,000) 
Facebook Accountability & Support Group 
Get support and accountability through community. The go-getter life can be lonely at times, but now you have a community of like-minded people to share your journey with.  
(Worth $750) 
Implementation Weekly Lab
 What if you could get an extra push to support you to take and make the time to act upon your goals so you can get to your desired outcome. This is a Zoom lab so you can focus on your steps.
(Worth $1,200) 
Curated Resources 
 To make your journey even better, you have access to a list of curated books, links, videos and other resources that will inspire and motivate you to become the person you are ready for.
(Worth $597) 
Inspiring Meditations
Renew your mind with this series of meditations that will continue to strengthen your new beliefs on your values, morals and even your own self-worth as you rewire your identity.
(Worth $497) 

Total Value: +$20,594

Join EPIC ME Today

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(or 3 payments of $697)
**for a limited time only**

Why Today Is The Best Time
To Create Your Epic Life

Let's be real. You are not getting any younger. The clock is ticking and not waiting on anyone. How much longer do you think you could put off living the life you deserve?  
Life is like a game, and you are in half time right now.  You probably did not have much saying on how the game started (actually - no saying at all!), but right now, at half time, you get to make a decision on how it is going to end.  You don't know how much longer you have, but wouldn't it make sense to make then the most of it? To create, and live, your best life yet? To scratch things off your bucket list? 
To live by choice and not by default?  
If nothing changes, have you considered the consequences of running the risk of repeating the same patterns in future relationships? At worst, ending up lonely is what might be in the horizon for you.  Are you willing to tolerate more of what you have created (or life has thrown at you) so far? If so, do absolutely nothing, and stay on the same path you are now, but... today you have the chance to change all that. If you are ready to live the epic life that God created you to enjoy, well, then, this is your moment.

Check out the breakthroughs of those who were stuck in relationships, family and personal issues who have worked with Soraya...


"... I just think there are things in life that nobody teach us and because of that we fall into bad patterns ..."
" ...It made me understand why all my previous relationships ended or started the way they were... "
" ...our marriage was rock bottom... now we live in a relationship that is mutually beneficial and meets both of our needs..."

"..I felt like I was lacking in my marriage...  and we get a restart, a clean slate, over the weekend..." 
"...She gave us the playbook..."
"...I have done counseling, but Soraya gave me a different way of doing & viewing things, she gave me tools I did not have before. She has allowed me to grow in a much deeper relationship with my husband than ever before in 14 years of marriage. "  

Personal Challenges

" ...I´m having clear opportunities flowing in my way... " 
" ...I was able to learn how to love myself and appreciate and be grateful for 
what I have..." 
"...Soraya helped me to unlocked some counterproductive habits that I used to procrastinate and I did't recognize..."
" ...Just over the past sessions that I had, I have been able to turn my marriage around, I have been able to found direction in my professional life... "
" ...My brain automatically goes to determination and motivation... "
" ...It personally helps me with identifying some of the objects and task I need to overcome and accomplish from myself... "
" ...It was an incredible experience where my mind was expanded... "
" ...She was very helpful eliminating some of the noise in my life... "
 " ...Has transformed me to believe and understanding a lot more about myself... "
 " ...It was literally life changing ... "
" ...She saw my blind spots to success and helped me get a breakthrough... "
" ...Now I feel motivated and without traumas... "
" ...I was able to see the choke holds that were holding my personal life... " 
 " ...I was being driven by uncertainty in my life.. "
" ...Really brought the mirror to be authentic and no so much what the environment is telling me... "
" ...Soraya was able to really create a calm within me, what i thought it would take years to unravel..."
"... you really helped me to build a bridge 
to get to my dreams... "  
" ...Working with Soraya will move your life forward in ways you don't even realize... "
"...She help me procees and bring a sense of closure to the expirience that I was having and help me to move on..."
" ...Everything I have been working on is all falling in the place the way it should... "
"...Soraya it´s very helpful she has great inshights, she makes you awere of things you don´t even know that you need..."
" ...For me to understand that I´m creator of my reality... "
" ...If you´re looking to change your life and changed your thoughts please contact Soraya Autana... "

Family Challenges

 " ...I love the tangible benefits that I have already seen from it... "
 "...Coach Soraya help me to show up my strength to make a difference in my kid's live..."
"...we were having behavioral problems with our son and we are thrilled with the counseling we received... very practical.. .she knows how to deal with teenagers."


How can I know if Epic Me is right for me?
If you are a God-loving go-getter that is frustrated, feeling stuck somewhere in life, relationships or circumstances, and you are committed to creating the life that is not only available for you, but accessible, then EPIC ME is for you. 
Absolutely, we made sure creating the life that you want won't break the bank. The value that you are getting far exceeds your investment. BTW, you can always hire me for private sessions where my fees start at $3,500.  Also, have you considered the price of ignorance? How much are you really paying by not knowing what factors contribute to living an unfulfilled life when there was no need for that? What currency is ignorance charging you? Broken families? Fractured dreams? Lost health... loneliness, disconnection? The price of Epic Me is then a bargain when it provides you the ability to change the course of your life. 
You will have access to your members area for the training where you will have a GPS to guide you weekly through the steps so you can keep a healthy pace towards your transformation and the creation of your epic life. Bear in mind that extraordinary success is sequential, not necessarily simultaneous. 
You will also have access to weekly live group coaching so you can “Ask Me Anything!” Get your questions answered (plus learn from the collective — getting the questions answered you didn’t know you needed to ask!). I know from experience some of the best a-ha’s come from other people’s questions. 
Additionally you will have access to the private Facebook group. Your every day connection to Soraya and each other! This is where we share, support, champion, and celebrate a community of like-minded people who are creating an epic life. 
You’ll automatically get an email giving you access to your members' area - it can take up to 15 minutes.  There you will be guided through the steps to make the most out of the program and you can join us on our next live Q&A as soon as this week. 

Please check your spam folder in case you don’t see it in your main inbox.

Got problems? Contact hello@sorayaautana.com 
If after 14 days you have done the work, attended the coaching sessions and you have applied yourself through this program, yet you are not starting to see how you can create an epic life for you and how your life can transform, your identity upgrade so the needle is not moving to where you are stated that you are headed, then you can get your money back. 

Still have Q's? Book a short call or send us an email

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